RedyRef Deploys New Wayfinding Kiosk at Sarasota International Airport

Digital Wayfinding KioskRedyRef has completed installation of Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport (SRQ)’s first interactive wayfinding kiosk in Manatee County, Florida. The installation features the new enGAGE H-Series, a 42” modular touchscreen kiosk that was designed to help travelers find any location within the airport’s footprint.  This includes airport gates, restaurants, restrooms, baggage claim and any other services airport visitors may need.

The Sarasota project presented some unique challenges for our design team. One of the primary requirements of the solution was to ensure users did not have to search via keyword or click through multiple screens in order to find the needed information.

Redyref’s team of developers rose to the occasion, designing a deceptively simple user interface capable of effectively housing and organizing many layers of complex information. This one-screen solution features a navigation menu on the left, and a map of the airport on the right, which allows users to simply select an area on the menu with a single touch, and immediately see the chosen area highlighted on the map along with their current airport location.

The kiosk is also easy to maintain by airport employees. Said RedyRef Managing Partner, Will Pymm, “Besides offering travelers an enhanced customer experience, Sarasota’s new wayfinding kiosk was designed to be easily updated or refreshed either via smartphone or computer.  We believe this kind of functionality is essential to the success of a kiosk in a busy, at times even chaotic environment, like that found in an international airport.”

Besides its intuitive UI, the new Sarasota airport kiosk is also one of the first live deployments of the RedyRef enGAGE H-series kiosk. This modular, freestanding enclosure combines sleek, powder-coated steel construction with an extensive range of available options including an expansive array of other hardware components and integrations. Although the H-series comes standard with a 42″ LCD monitor, it may be built with other display sizes when required.

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Interactive Kiosk and Digital Signage News: April 2017

New Global Interactive Kiosk Market Report Released

A new report released by analyst Technavio states that the global interactive kiosk market will grow at a CAGR of 13.43% between this year and 2021. The report also details other aspects of the market for interactive kiosks, such as drivers, challenges and trends.  Market drivers include greater consumer acceptance and confidence of interactive kiosks in more environments, while some of the challenges predicted are the needs for kiosks to be consistently maintained for wear and tear, and software upgraded so they stay relevant.  Technavio believes that one of the most important trends will be a focus on the design and engineering of self-service kiosks for ADA compliance, enabling physically challenged individuals to utilize kiosks with the same ease as the general population.


Zion Publishes Self-Service Kiosk Technology Analysis for ATM, Kiosk and Vending Markets

In its latest report, Zion predicts that the self-service technology will grow from $15.7 B in 2015 to $37.75 B in 2021 — an annual growth rate of approximately 15.8%.  Some of the main advances they expect to see include better security, including a more common use of biometrics such as fingerprint and voice recognition, as well as retina scanning. These are particularly important for kiosks involved in financial transactions, like ATMs. ATM technology has continued to evolve with added security features, while remaining the dominant segment in self-service kiosks (they hold a 70% share of the market). Therefore, ATM manufacturers have an outsized influence and impact on market trends and are poised to lead the way in adopting and implementing advanced security technologies.

Geographically, North America is still the largest market for interactive kiosk technology, which is believed to be due to a generally high technology adoption rate on the continent overall and steady gains are expected to continue. Asia Pacific — in particular India and China — is predicted to realize rapid growth due to rising urbanization and expansions in the banking sector anticipated through 2021.


Dunkin’ Doughnuts Joins the Drive-Thru Digital Menu Board Revolution

Dunkin’ Doughnuts is rolling out a pilot of outdoor digital menu boards at their drive-thrus. The 10-store test is meant to test some of the potential advantages of this kind of digital signage, something recently detailed by RedyRef in our blog series on the topic. Some advantages include the ways in which they can be optimized for time-of-day, specials and even the weather. If the pilot is successful in creating a better customer experience, additional capabilities may be added, including integration with a mobile app that could offer control of the board by the customer, as well as mobile ordering.


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